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Christina Ammeen looks forward to a better new year. She’s turning sixteen and she and her mom had just moved to Buffalo, New York. What could go wrong?

When her mom commits a strange act causing Christina to appear in a realm called Valeera, her livelihood takes a sharp nosedive. Forgotten memories begin to resurface and something hot stirs awake within her body. Fiery visions claim her at random and the pendant she wears may be the reason for it. And with the CIA determined to keep her in the dark, leaves her vulnerable to the fact that someone wants her dead.

Determined to seek the truth, she comes to realize one riveting fact. Everything points to a divine position and a mystical realm where secrets can be more dangerous than fire.

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This book is a compilation of inspirational short stories. You can find them on Wattpad. Because I love graphic designing, I took the time to design covers for each short story.

Do you have any particular morals that you live or stand by?

Morals is one of the bases that makes us human. The ability to comprehend the differences between what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong. What makes us who we are can easily be determined by the choices we make. Whether the results or consequences of our actions we must always take the time to learn from them. There is no such thing as a person stuck in their old ways. Every day is an opportunity to change and be the light for the world. Smile because you are thankful to be alive and always remember to NEVER give up. Times may get hard, but your reward awaits you at the end of your journey.

These short stories will revolve around the moral side of life from both spiritual and natural aspects.

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