Editing Service

A freelance editing service that could can help you!

Legal Documents • Articles and Blog Posts • Essays • Professional Letters and Emails • Short Stories • Presentations • Brochures 


Proofreading: Sentence structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, consistency, redundancy, vocabulary choice. 
Return: Document with fixes and changes through Microsoft Word Track Changes, a polished document, and honest feedback.


Document Format: Word Document or Microsoft Word
Font: Times New Romans       Size: 12 


Write or rewrite or outline your work
Do research or find information for your work
Read or proofread your work once you’ve made the changes unless you resend and repay.

Are you interested in my Editing Services? Check out my Fiverr account for Prices and to Send Order. 

LeQuita’s Fiverr

My Experience: I received my BA degree in English with a specialization in Professional Writing, Editing, and Publishing at University of Baltimore. I have experience in proofreading and editing essays, articles, research thesis, research papers, legal documents, emails, and manuscripts. My love for words and telling a story has aided me in my editing process. I believe you will receive excellent feedback on turning your work into a masterpiece.

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