Inspirationals will provide you with heartfelt lessons and messages that will elaborate and explain various topics mentioned in the King James Bible. May this information be help to you in your growth in Jesus Christ and an enlightenment in your own studies. This is a place of God, so please be respectful in your comments, but you are welcome to give your thoughts and opinions. God Bless You- From L.C. Harrison.


Spiritual Poetry

 The Power of P-R-A-Y-E-R    The Jesus Time
 Jesus Warns Us About Religious Cults     To God be the Glory
 Jesus and Yeshua are the Same Person    Me and My Lord
 Why You Need a Savior  Jesus Has Kept Us
 God Loves to Have Fun Too!  I Heard About This Path
 Give Thanks
 Honor to Where Honor is Due
 Wait on the Lord
 Know and Always Remember
 God’s Gift of Wisdom
 Let God Be Good to You
 In His Hand
 I Want to Go Home One Day
 Let Jesus Lead You
 The Best Day Yet
 Always Stay Positive
 Judge Not
 The Tide
 My Life Source

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