Song Review: Saturate Us

Saturate Us sung by Bishop Andrew Merriitt and The Straight Gate Mass Choir (2015) is a beautiful song of praise to God. It’s a song of plea, asking God to shower the world with his love, mercy, and power. In these days and times we need God to replenish his people with strength and faith to get through these troublesome times. So much is going on and it’s important for everyone to remember to give Jesus all of our praise and thanks.

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In the UB Spotlight with The Rimsky-Korsakov String Quartet

On the evening of November 1, 2016, I had the opportunity to attend a musical event on the University of Baltimore Campus. Around 7:00 pm, the Wright Theater located in the Student Center was alive with the beautiful sound of music performed by the Rimsky-Korsakov String Quartet. Four graduates from the prestigious St. Petersburg Conservatory, entertained the audience with Russian music of the 19th and early 20th centuries to contemporary composers orchestrated with the usage of stringed instruments such as the violin, the viola, and the cello.

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Movie Review: A Shark Wants You for Dinner, What Would You Do? Diving in The Shallow

Movie Review: A Shark Wants You for Dinner, What Would You Do? Diving in The Shallow

Written by LeQuita C. Harrison| Published On: September 13 2016


Released on June 24, 2016, The Shallow was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and is a drama slash thriller that both pleases the eyes and tenses your muscles. The film forces you to put yourself in the main character’s shoes and asks you constantly what would you do if a great white shark trapped you on a rock determined to have you for dinner? What would you do? With only two major characters played by Blake Lively and a great white shark and a few minor characters, we dive into the scary unknown.

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Language Cannot Be Limited: Responding to Ludwig Wittgenstein

Language Cannot be Limited: Responding to Ludwig Wittgenstein

Published on: October 20, 2016 | Written by LeQuita C. Harrison

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ludwig Wittgenstein, an Austrian-British philosopher, said “The limits of my language are the limits of my world,” which identifies how language contributes to human’s abilities to socialize. Without language or limiting language can be crucial to a human’s will to imagine, to learn, and to comprehend. In my Archaeology of Language Course, we discussed how babies and toddlers form and adapt to a spoken language by ways of listening and repeating sounds. If a mom repeats the word “ma-ma” to her toddler, she would eventually repeat the sound and interpret it to be a good thing. This awakening of sounds with words, which has its own study called Phonology, gives wake to imagination.

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The Affects of R&B Music in Gender and Young People

Dec. 1, 2013

Music has been around for centuries captivating the hearts and minds of people all around the world. One type of genre known as R&B has evolved entirely over the years. Once recapping the history of R&B it will show how quickly the genre had changed from its viewpoints of “soothing the masses” to highlighting major issues of America to focusing on sexual orientation. The way it is set up today and given to the world through media it plays a huge role in shaping the mental state of the youth and the way people live. When it comes to gender theories in R&B, lyrics and music videos have expressed a new understanding of morals and power whose negative influences affect social norms and self-representation of men and women….

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Crimson Peak (2015) Review

OMG! Tom Hiddleston’s butt!… Okay I apologize. I must keep this very professional. This is my first review- all thanks to this movie not because of TH’s behind, but because this was a very good movie. 

External Links: to IMDB and Wattpad
Rated: R
Time: 1h 59min
Year Released: 2015

Name of the Movie: Crimson Peak

It’s a catchy name. The word Crimson makes me think of blood red and very edgy dark depths. 0_o. This adjective placed before peak instantly makes me wonder why the peak is red (You’ll find out once you see movie). This title really creates questions about what to expect in this movie. Plus I love the color red. RATE: 10

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How it Feels to be the First to Go to College

There’s this pressure that weighs on my shoulders every time a family event comes up. It’s hard to read how I feel; excited, anxious, or nervous… annoyed maybe. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of being the first young person in my generation in the family to attend college. Let’s just say, I was completely shocked when once told everyone gasped and grew extremely excited. It was as if I’d been nominated on the Oscars or something. The spotlight made me smile so hard my cheeks began to burn and my thoughts began to jumble all over the place. Eventually, I’d overcome the wave of emotions and find myself explaining the college life, my specific goals in the major I’ve chosen, as well as my future plans. When I’m alone away from the flood of questions and the reminder of how I need to stay focused and make the family proud, something scary happens. Doubt crawls into my veins to plague my entire body until my soul is consumed and I’m left in the dark wondering how I failed. But I’m young, still full of life and mystery, still holding a basket full of blessings that I cannot see right now. Though my family’s encouragements and reminders are good natured, it worries me at times making me think I will not succeed. As long as I have breath in my body I will make everyone proud. I will be a leader.

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My Home Away from Home

A Memoir by LeQuita C. Harrison, written 9/20/2014

Comfort is serenity and safety which creates memories. I wouldn’t exclude my own home from this comfort because that is my foundation. It is the place I would run to if something bad would happened, but right now let me lure you towards another place of comfort. Grandma’s house is where my life truly began outside of my mother’s womb. Where I was drowned with precious smiles and hugs of love from those I am proud to call my family. My constant cries, smelly diapers, burps, and the first time I let go of the sofa to wobble across the living room carpet are far to reach for my mind. But for my family it’d seemed like yesterday I was being held in their arms, being smacked with kisses. How I would love to go back in time to watch little me enjoy a carefree life. Sitting on my grandmother’s cushioned white sofa with all eyes glancing at me to make sure my cheesy fingers didn’t ruin it. The white sofa should’ve been covered in plastic, but it’d probably ruin the moments shared in those days of 1995.

It was in this home when my grandmother welcomed my parents, Carlo and Gina to live with her until they found a home of their own. Grandma was always sweet like that. She would do anything for anyone if she had the strength to do it and would not complain. That is what I call that old time spirit when generosity and family always came first. To add the icing on the cake, grandma also has a twin sister who is exactly the same way with her house, so I know this has to be the only way, the truest way of keeping a family closely knitted. So as expected, Grandma Ernestine squeezed everyone into that brick town house with only three bedrooms and one bathroom. With great planning and gospel music bouncing off every wall, the little house accommodated her, my parents, my aunt, and I. I thank God my family got along or that house would not be standing today.

I remember as a toddler, I would sit on the sofa in my onesies pajamas or conquer someone’s bed to watch The Lion King over and over again until I fell asleep. Laughing and singing along to the music to the point where I’d know the songs and the lines by heart. And always on the side of me was a cup of apple juice the medicine to my anxiety or curiosity at that age because I know I was a talker, a wanderer. Where there’s good memories there are always bad ones too. I fell down the stairs once, long ago in grandma’s house. Something traumatic enough for someone to stay away from that house, but miraculously I didn’t break a single bone. Only the great God in Heaven received my thanks for saving my life for I would not be as healthy and alive as I am today without Him. Now when I walk down the steps I have a knack of holding on to the railing. When my family finally moved into our own house I still couldn’t stay away from grandmother’s house. It was my second home during a year in middle school when I needed to use her zip code to go to this school we thought was good until I found myself in the center of wildcats. I was on the verge of explosion when the results led to me transferring and returning home.

It’s not hard to find this house which is the best part of it. Built with dark red bricks and a rough green roof, it sits as the corner house on the row of homes with a silver fence and chopped grass; thanks to my dad who always goes there to keep the front from turning into a jungle. As you approach the porch you are immediately greeted by an abundance of flowers- fake or real- it doesn’t matter. And because grandma’s house is on the corner she’d have the perfect vantage point to the streets ahead. So the door would already be unlocked and she’d be back in the kitchen cooking. Cabbage, the ever present seasoned smell of Grandma fixing her favorite vegetable would ignite the house. The funniest part about it was that I grew to enjoy it except when she added turkey necks. I just can’t see how people can eat the neck of the turkey, but I do know one thing. I love to stare at grandma and every one eat them, smacking their lips and biting off meat that I would have overlooked.

Time has flown by to the point where I have moments of standing in the house to regain my bearings. You’d think the house would’ve been long sold to some family who’d go in and change the grape carpets and splash foul colors onto the smooth white walls. After months of trying to sell the house to no prevail, God thank you, the house still belongs to grandma. Twenty-three years grandma with the occupancy of my Aunt Tylvia had kept the house from crackling. Though, much of its interior had changed, the furnishing as well as a flat screen that kicked the floor model out the door, the house still possesses its comfort.

Now as I walk into the little house, everything felt to have shrunk. The huge living room only takes me five steps to enter the dining room. And the kitchen I once helped make grandma’s secret recipe of corn pudding can only take two people at a time. Once upon a time there was freedom to roam now it’s been replaced with chores and responsibilities. Though, this would send any young person running, it still kept me close. Of all the things my grandmother had done for me and my family, there will never be a day to fully pay her back. I may have outgrown the house, but my heart has not just yet.

You would think with so many people who come to visit every day, we’d be an inconvenience, but no, everyone is still embraced with the same love and joy. The greatest characteristics of grandma I try to imitate every day. At times I’d hear her singing gospel hymns to herself and I know she’s having a great day especially when her voice elevates and unknown notes and pitches are created. With her Cherokee red cheeks she’d cast you a smile you cannot ignore or refrain from giving back. Her heart lives in her house, filled with an abundance of respect. Honor is due to Grandma Ernestine for keeping her sweet spirit and passing encouragement onto others.

To this day, my comfort place is grandma’s house. When time gets rough and I need to settle down in a peaceful environment, or when a birthday must be celebrated, or the family needs to be reunited for dinner, it’s here I would visit. So warm, free, welcoming, peaceful, and filled with love, this is my home away from home.

The Angel Sculpture

Sometimes there are times in your life when you’re at a major standstill. When it feels like everyone’s twenty steps ahead of you and you’re just stuck in the mud. That’s how I feel sometimes, especially when I think too hard on the future. Would I be a famous writer or artist or have a decent career and it crowds my head to the point I feel I should just give up. But I know with God I can do all things.

I remember having one of those days when I wanted to enter one of my writings in a short story contest, but first I had to write a short story. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the deadline. I was so mad until my mom came to me with a gift which couldn’t have come at a better time. I pulled the gift from the bag and for a minute was completely confused.

It was a sculpture of an angel, a black woman with wings as white as snow spread out behind her. In one hand she held a bowl filled to the rim with crystal stars and with the other she was sprinkling the stars below.

My mother told me right then and there that the sculpture reminded her of me and she had to buy it. Her spread out wings was my humble spirit, always kind to everyone no matter who they were because we all are different in our own way. Like an angel, I am filled with respect, dignity, strength, and determination as well as the love of Jesus. I always put my family first because no matter what I do or what I accomplish they would always be my first supporters. My mom continued her comparison saying the bowl in the angel’s hand filled to the rim were all of my blessings that I have, but cannot see. This only told me one thing, I must not get mad when I don’t finish a piece of work or miss a deadline because eventually I would finish and possibly win a different one. She then explained how the angel pouring her crystals below was me pouring my support and prayers upon everyone because I love to see people who have reached their goal because one day I’m hoping I would do the same.

This angel sculpture keeps me in check, reminding me that my journey is not over yet. I will enjoy my life to the fullest and take a step at a time and climb every mountain until I have reached my goal. This sculpture will never leave my desk.

written by LeQuita C. Harrison, 9/3/2014

Points for Interviews

Pointers for Succeeding in a Job Interview
(wrote this for my CCBC Essex newspaper)

Many students graduate high school and attend college with no job experience. Although, it may seem like most young people get a job before graduating high school there are many who do not. When applying for a job one must feel both mentally and physically ready for a new world of independency. The most important part in getting a job is knowing where you want that specific job to take you in your life. A person must make sure they would feel comfortable and could profit from out of it.

After making it through the first stage in applying for the job which is the application process the person will head towards the second stage. Once finding out the news of being chosen for the position you applied for there are some main pointers one must follow in order to have a successful interview. For those out there on their way of becoming employed, there are five main pointers in successfully making through the interview process.

1. Knowing where you applied for.

Depending on where you wish to work it is very important to know as much as you can about the employer and the position. Although, the boss may be looking for how you will benefit their company, at the same time you should see how the company would benefit you. Whether the job will lead you to your desire career choice or whether it would enhance your skills, knowing about where you are going would help you with your future planning. Also during the interview, asking questions to the interviewer would show how much you really want the position and can identify how much you know about them.

2. Dress Attire

Some people would say that it does not matter how you dress when going to an interview. They say it’s about how well you represent yourself during the interview. But how you dress is an important way in representing yourself. First impressions are always the most memorable. People see what they want to see. If a person comes to an interview dressed in jeans and a t-shirt but the interview was excellent, the interviewer may still see that person undependable. One must look like a professional and a hard worker. Men should dress in a nice suite or dress pants with his shirt tucked in. Women should wear appropriate attires not exposing too much skin or something too fitting. Also when one enters a job interview dressed in their finest they are more likely to feel comfortable and focus more on what the interview would be about rather than how they look.

3. Attitude and Manners

It does not matter what type of job one applies for, it is always good to enter with a positive attitude. Never go feeling doubtful or overly nervous because if you feel it then the interviewer will surely feel it too. These days the word ‘respect’ is beginning to lose both its value and meaning. But when it comes to interviews it is most important. The setting will be professional and sometimes challenging and in order to lighten the tense mood, the interviewee should smile and be welcoming. Even if the interviewer seems like a hard and serious person one should not fall into intimidation but rather feed off of it. They may be testing you to see how good you do under pressure. Never go into an interview scared but rather confident and show the interviewer you want this job and that they need you.

4. Tardiness

A mentor I once knew who was in charge of a group called Bowdoin Bound who took students on college road trips every summer use to say, “When you are early, you are on time. And when you’re on time, you are late. And when you’re late, you are forgotten.” This is very true when it comes to the real world. If you have an appointment with an employer it shows both respect and that you want the job by being on time. Sometimes things do happen but even so you should immediately call. Tardiness shows a lot about a person whether it’s their character or not. It is also one of the first impression moves for interviewers to see how dependable you are. No one wants a slacker in their business.

5. Be Yourself

For the beginners out there, it is not a good thing to go to an interview and act like a totally different person. Not saying you should go in cursing or being disrespectful but be the person who will guide them into your world. It is good for one to relax and answer questions truthfully or in a way that will make the interviewer see you as a good person to be around. Including your educational background and experiences and etcetera openly tell the person who you are and what you’ve done in your life to not only benefit yourself but others around you. People love to see young people involved in their communities or joining clubs and doing things. And when they hear what you’ve done that will be another point on your acceptance.

Interviews are a vital part in becoming a part of a company or employer. It may feel and seem hard to do but if you are very prepared and follow these five points you would do just fine. This not only goes for beginners who have never worked before but also for hard workers now. It is never too late to brush up on interview points and to look up online if anything changed about preparing for interviews. When it comes down to it, just be yourself and relax. Think through the questions before answering and look confident and you shouldn’t have any problems.

LeQuita C. Harrison. 04/09/2013. CCBC Connection