Hello, I’m L.C. Harrison

First, I want to thank you for checking out my website! I am so excited to work with you in the present or in the future.

So a bit about myself.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland in a very loving and spiritual family, I grew up with an inquisitive mind and a passion to write. Whether it’s a poem, a short story, or even an essay, I’m always willing to express my imaginative mind to the world. Because of my strong faith and devotion to Jesus Christ, I enjoy giving inspirational messages for people to never give up and to always trust in God. On the side of writing, I enjoy meeting new people, exploring the mysteries of biblical and world history, being a volunteer web publisher for a non-profit organization, and eating pancakes whenever I don’t feel like cooking. 

I received my bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing, Editing, and Publishing at University of Baltimore. I enjoy the wonderful world of writing and editing and helping others to perfect their own work. My experience is fresh and well equipped to service businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs, but for right now will focus on college and university students.

I am a freelance graphic designer in the making. I say it this way because for the past five years and counting, I’ve been assisting a non-profit organization with designing and printing invitations, programs, business cards, and other fancy projects. My experience is on an elementary to medium level, however, I have taken design courses at University of Baltimore that had taught me how to use programs such as InDesign and WordPress.com and WordPress.org. I am excited to provide services to all who comes across my self-design business.

One thing is for sure, I will not let you down. 

Thank you for choosing me and give feedback and share with your family and friends.

Published Works

“If I Only Had One Extra Wish”
Children Poem- Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans Ed. 2004

“Writing Blah Blah Blah for Yourself: My Five Ways to Getting into the Writing Mode”
Creators’ Memoir – A University of Baltimore book written and designed by students in the Writing, Editing, and Publishing Course – Fall 2016
Klein Family School of Communications Design

Web Publisher for Non-Profit Religious Organization. Find us on:


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