Jesus Has Kept Us

Jesus has kept us all this way

And now today we can make a noise and say

Oh we thank God for these kind of days

The struggle has not been all so hard

For walking with Christ has made us strong

We know that there is so much around us that should not be

But beside it all, we know that Jesus paid it all on Calvary

So, so what do we say?

Thank God for his blood that cleanses me

And because of this I am free

We will rejoice and not have remorse

Because praising God is our only choice

So let us praise, so let us shout, so let us magnify his Holy Name.

Let us embrace this anniversary

And the love and enjoyment that it brings

The gratefulness for God’s merciful protection

That keeps us all in an embracing connection

May God lead us and guide us

Although, life seems like a race

We will make sure we control our faith

There’s nothing better then to have God on our side

To keep the Path of Righteousness before our eyes

We thank God for our 5th Anniversary of

The Path of Righteousness Church in Christ

Occasion: 5th Anniversary, 2/15/09

-by LeQuita C. Harrison – Spiritual Poetry


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