I Heard About this Path

I heard about this path

That wasn’t like other pathways.

There are curves and bends

But with no dangers or dead ends.

This path had one way only

And said you will never be lonely

It promised you an everlasting comfort

That nobody has the power to offer

Down this path, the trees grow strong

The wind blows through with a holy song

The flowers bloom and the green grass grow

There is no other way I wish to go

This way gives strength

To those who are weak.

Encouragement to those

Who knock and seek.

With plenty of love

And mercy to bear

A powerful protection

With no hardships or cares

This path is the way to Jesus Christ

Towards the promise of eternal life

A heavenly place waits ahead

Toiling on I shall tread.

Where praises go up

And your blessings come down

There’s no better place

That I have found

This path is the Way,

The Truth, and the Light

To Jesus Christ, I gave my life.

Girded with the whole armor of God

I’m filled with songs of happiness

No other path I will not go

Instead this Path of Righteousness

Occasion: 8th Church Anniversary, February 25, 2012

-by LeQuita C. Harrison – Spiritual Poetry


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