Honor to Where Honor is Due

Gracefully she walks to the podium

With her bible in her hand

Her mind focused and ready

Her heart strong and steady

The Word implanted in her soul

Like an eagle waiting to sore.

Standing at the altar

Wearing the whole armour of God

She feeds everyone the bread of life

With Jesus as her guide

She puts in her all

For he is her strength

He is there when she calls

He is the reason for her getting this far

So why not give him the honor?

Without a struggle, without a doubt

She raises her head

And gives a great shout

Oh Lord, our God

How excellent is thy name!

Her voice vibrates the walls

And through every soul

As if the angels themselves

Couldn’t help but sing along.

She puts her trust in Jesus Christ

To speak through her and preach to us.

Holding firm the commandments of God

And the testimony of Jesus

She claps her hands and stomps her feet

Giving praise to the omnipotent one

For he is worthy of the praise

The father of creation

The master of all nations

The world shall bow in adoration

To the God of our salvation

There is no one like him.

No one can withstand the power of his character

Or understand the working of his nature

Filled with an abundance of mercies

Open doors to all opportunities

Pour on you a flood of blessings

Heals your body from all sicknesses

Places a shield of protection around you

Show you every day that you have value

Who dare say that God doesn’t love you?

Open your eyes and listen… listen…

His arms are opened wide for you to enter

He is forever knocking. Patiently waiting.

That is why she claps her hands and stomps her feet

That is why she prays for you and for me

That is why she can’t wait to give the Word

That is why she can’t wait to honor God

For He honors us in every way.

So why not honor him the same?

Occasion: 7th Pastoral Anniversary

-by LeQuita C. Harrison – Spiritual Poetry


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