Find Peace in Jesus Christ

The world is in a crisis right now. Death, deception, corruption, exploitation, homelessness, unemployment, assaults, thievery, fornication, adultery, sorrow, and grief screams from the land of the world. On a thin line between a crooked world and a world of chaos. 

God sheds a tear upon every death that occurs on the very land he created. The land he gave as a gift to mankind, to protect, to nurture, to love, and to grow. Though he sees what happens below, his mercies and his love surpasses the very regret he felt during the time of Noah. So every time the sky breaks, crackles, and drums its song of warning, of remembrance, God pushes the storm away to show us his promise. That rainbow of peace…

The very rainbow that tells us that God still loves those who seek him and accepts his Son.

The very rainbow that tells us he knows what we go through and will never forsake us. He knows us in our lowest estate. He hears all prayers.

The very rainbow that tells us our time is short. God’s warning can last but for so long.

The very rainbow that tells our judgment has already begun.

The very rainbow that tells us that Jesus is soon to come. For when the storm breaks there’s always a bright sunny day.

The very rainbow that shows us his mercies has showered upon us for another day. 

Yet the world he loves. Yet the people he loves, cannot take the time to give him thanks. Seek his peace into your heart and live for the first time. Seek his peace and see that through the crisis of this wicked world a new day will come. Peace is real. Peace you can feel. 

These words may sound like rumbling, but if so…you must not know peace just yet. But you can…in Jesus Christ. 

Do you want to know why things are happening in this world that causes so much grief and sorrow? Then seek Jesus and he will answer. 

-Remember Jesus. 


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