Can you HEAR the PROPHETS???


Can you HEAR the PROPHETS?!!!

God is calling out to the WORLD please turn from your evil ways. Cease your sinning, cease your support for the immoral, and cease your support for the evil that has influenced the minds and hearts of man. It is all of the works of Satan.

Can you HEAR the PROPHETS? Come out of her my people- said God. He’s summoning you with open arms of love and joy. Seek the Truth in Jesus Christ and be saved NOW. Time is of the essence. War is brewing. Evil has claimed the laws of the land. Money cannot save you. Your home cannot save you. No one can save you except the name of JESUS CHRIST. In him you will have the victory. You will survive and live again in eternal life. You will defeat the temptations of Satan.

Can you HEAR the PROPHETS? Stand your ground Christians against the same-sex bill and abortion and every law that contradicts the Word of God. Remember there is no fear in Jesus Christ.

I love the Lord. Do you love the Lord? Take heed people of America and of the World. Jesus is coming back whether you want to believe it or not or ignore it. A spiritual battle is going on here and as the Word has claimed throughout, that at the end God ALWAYS have the victory. He already HAS it. So choose ye this day whom you will serve! Jesus or Satan.

Can you HEAR the PROPHETS of God?
-LCH Remember Jesus

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