Jesus and Yeshua are the Same Person


As I continue on my journey of learning Hebrew I have become aware of this issue amongst the Believers. Some people say you are supposed to call Jesus by his Hebrew name Yeshua. And some say you are supposed to call him by his English name Jesus.
That’s when I come in. I believe it doesn’t matter which name you refer him as. As long as:

He is the Son of God,

He walked on this earth preaching God

He died on the cross for the sins of the world

He rose again with all power

He is the mediator between us and God

He is the only one who can save us from sin and Satan

He is our only strength and love that dwells in us, prevent us from evil/sin

He is the returning Savior who will come from the sky for the righteous

then call him Jesus or Yeshua. They are the same person. Also you must take note that there are many languages in this world who do not understand English or Hebrew. So if they call Jesus in their language, as long as he has the characteristics above, then there is no need to worry. They are still receiving the same prayers answered, are covered by his blood, they’re receiving the same mercy, the same love, the same blessings we are receiving every day. Do not disclaim people because they do not say Jesus or Yeshua (which is English and Hebrew). The Bible gives us many names of Jesus and God, over 600 (not including the languages of the world). That is amazing, to God be the glory! I think in order for people to come to a clear understanding of this we should open our minds and hearts to learning how other cultures refer to Jesus. It will stop people from attacking one another concerning someone who died in order for us not to attack one another. Embrace in love and seek God for understanding.
Just think about it…
The many names of God- (KJV bible)-
Jesus translated in World Languages:



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